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Live streams on twitch.tv/xidik_uk


Xidik streams 5 days per week and has done since 25th Mar 2015

Mon - Fri 09:00 UK time (08:50 for pre-show)

Bonus streams are rare but do occasionally happen - keep your eyes on twitter @xidik_uk for extra details.

Scheduled days off:

Friday Dec 2nd 2022 and Monday Dec 5th 2022

Monday Dec 26th 2022

About Me

Hi, my name is Xidik_UK and I am a gamer from Yorkshire in England, part of the UK. I began life as a computer programmer back in the 80's and moved on to web development in the early 90's. Throughout this time I played games, programmed games and have had various computers and consoles over the years.

I began life on Twitch back in 2014 and spent almost a year lurking and learning how this platform worked. 

I started streaming on Mar 25th 2015 so have been streaming for 7 years 8 months 13 days, quite a while ;) 

We are trying to create a community on twitch that is supportive of each other, like a family. Members of this community help each other when able and support each other when required. We endeavour to always be courteous to each other and remain PG in chat as we know that people watch with their children. So far, we have such a community and it is thanks to you all that this has been possible. I may be the face on the screen but I am only the facilitator through which this community has coalesced. I do try and be available for community members when I am able but sometimes real life calls, as it does with everyone. 

We achieved twitch partnership on 21st May 2020, thanks to the #Xidikians community for your amazing support.

The #Xidikian community is growing and you can find #Xidikian streamers on our streamers page.

We have a discord that is open 24/7 to chat and leave messages for everyone in the community, available at https://discord.gg/9k2Za5k

If you feel like tipping xidik, you can do so at: https://streamelements.com/xidik_uk/tip.

By tipping you agree that this money is your own and you are willingly and voluntarily giving it. You acknowledge that you are receiving no items in return for this, and that it is non-refundable.

If you feel like supporting the stream you can subscribe on twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/xidik_uk/subscribe  

Any monies gifted to the channel go back into trying to make the stream as good as it can be and cover new equipment and server fees allowing this awesome twitch community to play together (and helping me to eat ;) ).

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